lessons from tonight

  • always, always, always accept your friend’s invitation to a free dinner. even if the company is awful, you get free food
  • gin and grapefruit is best served in a beautiful crystal glass with sigur ros playing
  • never let random strangers at your apartment drink your booze- especially our nice shit.
  • same with weed
  • the person in charge of music is so important and never let anyone play more than 2 Drake songs
  • absinthe is the worst idea ever. don’t drink it.
  • ESPECIALLY don’t go drinking afterwards because you’ll have to figure out how to get home.
get to know me meme (royalist edition) || (2/5) royal facts: Princess Beatrice of York’s cameo in The Young Victoria (2009)

In Jean-Marc Vallée’s The Young Victoria from 2009 depicting the first years of Queen Victoria’s reign, Victoria’s great-great-great-great-granddaughter Princess Beatrice of York had a cameo as one of her ladies-in-waiting. The film was also produced by the Princess’s mother, Sarah, Duchess of York.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

I had to go to Greek school, where I learned valuable lessons such as, “If Nick has one goat and Maria has nine, how soon will they marry?”

"She came from a background where nothing was ever good enough. And that was something that weighed heavy on her. But in our house together, it was a sense of just trying stuff and allowing each other to fail and to be excited about things. That was liberating for her. It was exciting to see her grow and both of us grow and change together. But that’s also the hard part: growing without growing apart or changing without it scaring the other person. I still find myself having conversations with her in my mind. Rehashing old arguments and defending myself against the things she said about me." - Her (2013)

Tainted Love
Soft Cell


Artist: Soft Cell
Track: Tainted Love
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1982



why use gendered terms like dude, girl, etc with your friends when u can just call them comrade


❤☮☭folloш foя мoяе soft сoммцпisм☭☮❤


When the hot classmate sits next to you


When the hot classmate talks to you


Vampire Weekend


Wisdom’s a gift, but you’d trade it for youth
Age is an honor, it’s still not the truth